5 Benefits of improved landscapes

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Your garden or grounds is the 1ST THING VISITORS SEE reflecting on you, your business and even the way you manage things!

Typically "lowest cost"  "cut the grass" approaches sooner or later lead to gardens and landscapes looking tired, neglected and under-used.

At Country Landscapes, we have a FRESH APPROACH.

We can make your surroundings and environment work as hard as you do, with 5 tangible COST BENEFITS -  green spaces can help you keep your bottom line looking good too!

5 Key Cost Related Benefits of Beautiful Landscapes

1. Trees and Landscaped areas help to provide cooler temperatures.

bulletLawns and flower borders are cooler than tarmac, asphalt, even concrete and bare soil. Trees and grass mitigate extremes of temperature changes, creating cooler temperatures in summer,  actually lowering your air-conditioning needs.   Compare the costs to an exposed site and you will realise savings are being made! 
bulletTrees on the south and west sides of the building can provide shade during the hottest times of day and lower your building and offices temperatures. They also can reduce glare through the windows.
bulletExtreme heat is detrimental to productively, making people tired, irritable and less motivated to work.  Planting more flowers, grass and trees around home and work areas can help, making it a cooler, more pleasant to be inside or outside.

2. Urban and industrial green spaces oasis are great for improving air and water quality!

bulletDid you know lawns, shrubs and trees work hard every day capturing dust and smoke particles, removing carbon dioxide, and producing life-giving oxygen?   A large tree can absorb up to 20kg of carbon dioxide per year - that's a ton in just 50 years!   For businesses this could be an important point in your Environmental Safeguarding Commitment, reducing or even cancelling out the emissions for your vehicles etc.  Planting and replanting trees is a simple way of helping protect our Environment.  It's interesting that one tree can supply enough oxygen for four people every day.  When was the last time you planted a tree?
bulletWith climate change, problems of increasing number of freak storms and floods can cause immense damage and danger.  How much would your insurance premium cost annually if you had such a disaster?
bulletSoft landscapes help - they work as storm water run off catchments and buffers, reducing the flow pollutants and of sediments to nearby bodies of water.   Plants can help filter out pollution from the water on its way to a sources of drinking water.   Planting along rivers also reduce erosion and flooding downstream.

3. Reduce demand on resources & create more diverse habitats

bulletFinancial savings could be substantial - when was the last time you considered environmental initiates to recycle water, or initiative to save or retain of rainfall?
bulletPlanting more trees and ground cover can also reduce fuel consumption and reduce local noise pollution and that generated lawn mowers.
bulletDiverse habitats are important.  What have you done recently to encourage and support indigenous wild plants and fauna in your landscape?  As a business wouldn't this be a great initiative to highlight in your environmental plan?

4. Improve Quality of Life and Wellbeing

bulletLandscaping improves quality of life with proven physical and psychological benefits. Just looking at green plants is proven to reduce blood pressure. Walking through a natural environment can help relaxation, and improve concentration and motivation.  People living or working in or near green report lower stress levels.  Hospitals have realised the benefits of beautiful green surroundings realising cost benefits such as reducing recovery times.

5. Economic Benefits

bulletBusinesses with quality landscapes tend to be more successful.  Customers preferred to shop in centres with high-quality planting and tree canopies, shopper will also stay longer if the landscaping is pleasant, for example most restaurants or bars with a view will be more attractive and popular than those in a basement or overlooking urban concrete.
bulletMost property and home owners look for ways to maintain or increase the value of their investment.   Asset values are proven to increase, often substantially when you invest in landscaping.   Market value increase, but if a property is professionally landscapes, it will stand out, and be much more attractive and saleable.

We include professional horticultural asset management as part of our service.  By working with us and improving your green spaces, you're helping the environment and boosting your bottom line!

Call Country Landscapes on 01204 402222 and start benefiting from your garden and grounds areas today! 

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