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Country Landscapes Qualified Lawn Service Experts

Country Landscapes greenkeepers have a wealth of lawn care experience and have maintained beautiful lawns, bowling greens and fine turf for hundreds of clients since 1991.

Wish you had a lawn like this?

Lawn care maintenance is not about constant feeding and fertilising.  Our staff are trained, qualified and individually have decades of experience in providing lawn care and lawn treatments and green keeping services.

Example of the finest quality lawn constructed and maintained by our experts

Lawn care can be hard work so save time and money by having your lawn cared for professionally.  Why risk having an unqualified person treat your lawn.  Undertaking certain tasks, including lawn spraying, legally require a Certificated Operator who will do the task more safely.

Note for the 1st 48 hours of lawn treatment please avoid & do not mow treated areas, then water lawn if it hasn't rained. Some products contain Ferrous Sulphate  etc. which can cause some skin irritation in prolonged contact so please wash if you get it on your skin.

Cost Effective

bullet"Intelligent Lawn Treatment Service" - SAVE - We only treat it, IF it needs it!
bulletCompetitive - better value service from qualified staff

Better Quality Products

bulletUse of the finest selected turf and grass seed available
bulletprofessional products including controlled release fertiliser effective for weeks.
bulletLess wastage of products through leaching or over application

100% Fescue turf - lower maintenance and superior shade and drought resistance

Lawn Treatment Services by Country Landscapes - the Qualified Lawn Experts - Our staff are experienced greenkeepers and qualified to spray lawns - why take the risk using of unqualifed contractors?


Better Results

bullet"Intelligent Service" - Individual attention and assessment of your lawn
bulletEcology sensitive approach - no over application by overzealous operatives
bulletHelp maintain lawns that will resist further problems
bulletEven application of lawn treatments - no unsightly damage, scalping or scorching


Programmes Prices & Comparisons

Silver 6 Point Lawn Treatment ProgrammeGold 7 Point Lawn Treatment ProgrammePlatinum 9 Point Lawn Treatment Programme

3 steps to a beautiful greener lawn

Quality lawn care takes more than green fingers.  Why settle for less - hundred of our clients choose to stop with Country Landscapes

  1. Ring 01204 40 22 22 to arrange a FREE consultation
  2. We complete a Lawn Health check
  3. We provide a FREE no obligation quotation

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Qualified Garden Landscaping and Landscape Gardener covering Lancashire Bury Bolton and Rossendale.

If you have any question regarding our services or our customer web at w w w . c o u n t r y - l a n d s c  a p e s . c o m  please ring 01204 402222 (no unsolicited sales calls please)  Copyright Country Landscapes Ltd. All rights reserved.  Unauthorised use of photos will be chargeable.  Bolton Lancashire / Manchester Company Registration 4444028.