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This page contains answers to common questions.  Feel free to email any questions you may have.

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bulletWhat is ideal height and frequency for lawn mowing... ?
bulletDo contractors need to be registered with the Environment Agency to remove any waste?
bulletDo contractors have to be licensed to spray weeds safely?
bulletWho is Country Landscapes - our History...
bulletWho runs Country Landscapes?
bulletShould I protect certain plants such as phormiums during winter?



What is the ideal height and frequency for lawn mowing...?

The minimum frequency of cut is fortnightly,  ideally, during the growing season, weekly or a twice weekly cut will help ensure a better healthier lawn. 

Close mowing is to be avoided as it puts the grass under stress.  Usually 30-50% is the maximum amount of grass sward which should be removed in one cut. 

In times of hot, dry weather, the height of cut should be raised to increase drought tolerance and avoid scorch. 

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Do contractors need to be registered with the Environment Agency to Remove my waste?

The EA undertake Vehicle Inspections and unregistered drivers found with ANY waste e.g. grass clippings or from customers or jobs are liable to a hefty fine and coverage in the local press!  Responsible contractors are approved and ensure your waste (which can often be traced) is disposed of correctly and not on a roadside verge.  We recycle our green waste, but still need a licence to carry it  Check Contractor Registrations

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Do contractors have to be licenced or get permission from the Environment Agency to spray weeds safely? 

We are PA1 PA6 and PA6AW Qualified.  When spraying weeds (such as Japanese Knotweed, Giant Hogweed or the increasingly common Himalayan Balsam (6' tall with pink orchid like flowers) very close to water we have to apply for permission to spray.  Part of that permission requires certain certificates of competence e.g. PA6AW.

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Who is Country Landscapes - our history...

Country Landscapes was founded in 1991 predominantly constructing and maintaining domestic gardens.

A switch was made to specialise in maintenance and horticultural services in 1994, a move taken due to the small number of specialists in the domestic maintenance market, and the fact that at the time, although some offered a reasonable service, many firms were unreliable, and had a lack of formal training and little understanding about technical issues.

In 2003, due to a greater level of awareness and demand for good quality gardens, we now also provide quality planting, landscaping and exterior engineering services for those who want to add value to their property.

Armed with extensive knowledge, and proven expertise and craftsmanship, and we strive to provide the best price for the best quality!

Since 1991, we have designed, constructed and maintained hundreds of gardens and premises, and are continuing to offer a dependable service.


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Who runs Country Landscapes ... ?

Our management have a range of experience in both public and private sector organisations and are qualified in several areas including business and finance, horticulture and fine turf maintenance and leisure and amenity management.



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Should I protect certain plants such as phormiums during winter?   

As Winter temperatures can occasionally plummet it makes sense to protect plants with fleece from the extremes.  Whilst plants such as phormiums are classed as fully hardy and can withstand extremely low temperatures it is wise to protect them from temperatures lower than -8C. 

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Qualified Garden Landscaping and Landscape Gardener covering Lancashire Bury Bolton and Rossendale.

If you have any question regarding our services or our customer web at w w w . c o u n t r y - l a n d s c  a p e s . c o m  please ring 01204 402222 (no unsolicited sales calls please)  Copyright Country Landscapes Ltd. All rights reserved.  Unauthorised use of photos will be chargeable.  Bolton Lancashire / Manchester Company Registration 4444028.