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Why Choose a Qualified Contractor?

Our experience is also reinforced by professional qualifications. 

Would you really risk consulting an unqualified doctor?  Like doctors, our profession consists of many specialisms, so we invest in lots of training to ensure we are competent and possess the skills to safely undertake the work we do.

5 Benefits of choosing a qualified contractor

  1. Reassurance that Skills & Competence are to standards set by National & International bodies...RHS NPTC C&G
  2. Satisfy legal requirement & your insurance conditions
  3. Poor Practices often passed on are "ironed out" by proper training and exams
  4. Proven Competence - safer and lower risk due to assessment
  5. LESS WORRY, and saves you time and money

Are you covered if your contractor breaks the Law?

It's a legal requirement for all contractors to hold the correct qualification for undertaking certain tasks safely.  For example, Certificates of Competence are a legal requirement for:-

bulletUsing pesticides and weedkillers e.g. lawn weed spraying, spraying weeds near water
bulletTree Surgery using a chainsaw

Unqualified operatives are unlikely to even be aware of their obligations under the law and if they operate without the legal certificates, they are operating uninsured.  What if something gets sprayed by mistake, a pet dies or someone is taken ill when or after your weeds have been sprayed?  You may be held accountable if someone - possibly a child gets injured or your neighbours property gets damaged.  There are cases where both the client and contractor have been prosecuted.

It is important to ensure your garden waste is processed properly.  Often waste dumped by the roadside can be traced.  A Carriers Licence is required for:-

bulletWaste removal


Country Landscapes - Exceeding National Standards

We ensure all our employees are competent to meet the standards set out by many trade organisations, and qualified or undertaking training to gain a minimum of NVQ2 certification.  Like a driving licence, we believe qualifications are a prerequisite, however we are committed to achieving higher standards of best practice and excellence where possible.

Country Landscapes has previously attained Investor in People accreditation which is a national quality assurance standard which requires organisations to meet high standards of operation.  Country Landscapes attained Investor in People in 2005 and was reassessed in July 2008 and 2011.

What does this mean to our customers?

bulletOur work is special - hence our strap line "It's not just a landscape...it's a Country Landscape
bulletWe give better value - longer lasting and better quality workmanship due to Best Practice
bulletYou have access to knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff who are able to give you expert advice because they are better trained
bulletBest Practice means you get the job done to the highest standards!
bulletProof of competence and professional approach


Qualifications (Extract)


Chartered Manager - Chartered Management Institute


City & Guilds Licentiateship LCGI awarded in Horticulture


City & Guilds I, II, & III in Amenity Horticulture


N.V.Q. 1 & 2 in Landscaping, Greenkeeping, Horticulture


NPTC PA1 PA6 for spraying - lawn treatments, weed control etc.


NPTC for Chainsaw and Tree work


B.T.E.C  National Certificate in Business and Finance


B.T.E.C Diploma in Design


RHS General Certificate in Horticulture


Inst. of Leisure & Amenity Management


IOSH - Managing Safely

Copies of Certification are available upon request


Qualified Garden Landscaping and Landscape Gardener covering Lancashire Bury Bolton and Rossendale.

If you have any question regarding our services or our customer web at w w w . c o u n t r y - l a n d s c  a p e s . c o m  please ring 01204 402222 (no unsolicited sales calls please)  Copyright Country Landscapes Ltd. All rights reserved.  Unauthorised use of photos will be chargeable.  Bolton Lancashire / Manchester Company Registration 4444028.