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Posted : Saturday 24th October 2010

The 2nd Malton Avenue Bolton at Home Landscape Masterclass took place at the start of the holidays on Saturday 24th.

It was great to see over 30 participants from the local community joining in the 2nd Masterclass - even the wet start didn't appear to put anyone off with helping out with the transformation of this land.

A big THANK YOU to everyone who joined in and made it a superb day! Thank you








Final preparation of the ex-garage site including preparation of the climbing mound, stone picking and grading & bulb planting, and wildflower and grass seed sowing - right hand side of site


Hi Res group photo

Many of the helpers aged from only 4 years old, enjoyed planting of wildflower seed and the setting out and planting of over 1000 daffodils! 

The site has been well looked after carefully  by the community during this delicate period with zero vandalism which has allowed the grass on the kickabout area to germinate successfully (pictured below) this is now thickening up and will soon be ready for mowing! 

The next Masterclass later in the year will involve tree planting including planting of fruit trees requested by many of the participants, native hedging and more flowers.  It is also hoped that a willow arch workshop will be held during the forthcoming week with Cool Canvas.

Early next year -  as shown on the plan (crop circle top left) spring wheat will be planted to form Bolton's first a crop circle!   When grown the wheat will form a maze.

Posted : Saturday 2nd October 2010

Our first Malton Avenue Landscape Masterclass, was a success with around 40 participants all joining in with preparation and seeding and bulb planting.  If you missed this one come to our next one in October:-

Saturday 23rd Oct 2010 - Landscape Master Class 2 - preparation of amenity areas including preparation of the climbing mound, stone picking and final grading & bulb planting, and to wildflower and grass seed sowing - right hand side of site

A Certificate of Achievement will be awarded to everyone who has participated and completed the Landscape Master Classes.




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