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Approximately 30% of household rubbish can be composted. Composting turns organic waste such as green garden rubbish (e.g. grass and leaves) and uncooked kitchen rubbish (e.g. fruit scraps and vegetable peelings) into an excellent soil conditioner. Composting can be done at home (using a bin or heap) or on a larger scale at a composting facility.

Composting - Common questions

Q: Why compost?

Composting reduces the amount of waste being buried in landfill sites. This is very important in especially where landfill capacity is becoming limited. Compost is an excellent soil conditioner. It is rich in nutrients and can improve soil structure, making clay soils easier to dig, and better drained. Compost provides an alternative to environmentally harmful fertilisers and peat composts.


Q: How can I compost garden waste?

Garden waste can be composted at home in a compost heap or bin. Alternatively it can be taken to your nearest civic amenity and recycling centre where it is turned into a soil improver and then sold back to the public.


Q: How do I get a reduced price compost bin?

Contact your local Council - many offer quality compost bins at extremely low prices. Local garden centres can also provide compost bins in a variety of sizes and styles.


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