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A visit to our show garden could inspire you - with examples of planting, use of slate, hardwoods and granite rockeries...

Stunning Granite Cascades

There are few natural features which can surpass a beautifully planted and constructed rockery.  Create a totally natural looking, timeless feature in your garden.

Every rock is placed by expertly matching the strata of the stone of your choice.  Here stunning slate rocks form resonating cascades and pools, with fibre glass ensuring the water is contained. 

Unlike cement, fibreglass doesn't stand out and stain the rocks, it remains water proof for years, and unlike preformed cascades - the overall effect looks natural. 

Beautiful Reflections - Azealeas can't be beat for Spring Colour.  Notice the bamboo outflow keeping the water crystal clear and recycled via a UV Filter


The main pool is fed by two main cascades formed with rocks, and set into position on concrete foundation. 

A totally natural effect is created with professionally installed fibre glass


Natural Hardwood - a real alternative

An elegant option for enhancing difficult gardens and creating the outdoor room of your dreams.  Refined and understated, tough hardwood is a superior long lasting material, giving a softer, timeless dimension to the garden.


Perfect Poolside Plants....

Bamboo makes excellent an "living" screen and backdrop to create a secluded effect.  Water lilies and marginal planting including iris add interest and colour.  Can you see the large leaved gunnera below?

Beautiful colours and contrasts...

We have selected a range of plant to ensure all year round interest and colour.

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