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Winter - the gardeners busy season....

As Winter approaches gardeners who believe in planning and preparation know itís a time for action!  Lee Thorne writes, those who succumb to hibernation will miss an opportunity to get ahead....

As frequent maintenance such as mowing and weeding diminish, you should now have some time to assess your garden and property maintenance. Winter is a good time to survey your garden and grounds, building a check list and recording your findings.  Schedule any work required in a diary or garden organiser such as ProAsset Manager garden software.  This will provide you with a clear plan and an excellent record of your progress. 

Start at the perimeter of your property, is it secure, are any repairs needed to walls and fences and gates. Is there anything overhanging and causing obstruction to passers by - donít wait until the Council sends you a notice!

Are your hedges and shrubs tidy. Will they be susceptible to damage if it snows or is windy ? Check all your plants and trees for the 4 Dís - remove dead, diseased, decadent or damaged growth. Are they well staked and tied appropriately ?  Do not prune mature trees unless there is a very good reason.  Tree limbs - like our own limbs, are not designed for cutting off, and you can cause die back and disease in both instances.  Most trees are best pruned over the winter with the notable exception of cherries, walnut, and birches which are best pruned at the end of summer.

Check your lawn on a minimum of a monthly basis for any signs of disease and moss and algae. To reduce moss growth and keep it growing slowly treat with a lawn sand type moss killer with low nitrogen content. Frequent spiking will help ensure that sufficient drainage and allow air gets to the roots for healthy grass growth.

If its too wet and cold to go out concentrate on checking all your tools and machinery. Start up any petrol engines with some fresh fuel and give them a service - Oil change, check spark plugs, check wheels, bearing and pinions, drives propulsion and throttle cables, blades and chassis. Order any parts or take machinery to a specialist by the end of November for repair.

Are your paths and patios in need of a jet wash to prevent serious falls and injury ? Assess the health and safety at your property. Ensure that your storage areas are clean, tidy and well organised. Have you designated areas for fuel and pesticide and weed killer storage, away from children and visitors? Exotic and fast growing Eucalyptus with Virginia creeper - for beautiful plant combinations call our qualified horticulturist for plants to suit your garden and your budget

Finally, remember to enjoy your garden throughout the winter, notice those coloured stems and evergreens standing proud in the frost and snow, and if you only see your garden in the morning and evenings, strike a welcoming contrast into the winter darkness with coloured exterior lighting so you can enjoy your garden all year round!

For help with your garden email Lee Thorne at  For details of ProAsset Manager visit

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