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Beat Those Weeds Safely With Country Landscapes Expertise In Weed Control

Weeds can cause real headaches, and in some cases rashes! Often highly invasive and aggressive weeds such as Japanese knotweed need specialist knowledge from qualified contractors to control them. We use the safest solutions to tackle your weed problems.

Why do we need weed spraying and weed killing programmes?

Safety - weed growth can:-

Disrupt pathways often causing slip and trip injuries

Moss and algae weeds make paths slippery

Raise and break up tarmac, concrete and paved areas

Cause obstructions and decreased visibility in tall weeds

Clog surface drains

Create fire hazard

Harbour pests including rats and mice

Efficiency - herbicides improve efficiency by:-

Giving far greater coverage/day than by mechanical means

Give longer lasting control

Reduces the need to reinstate broken tarmac

Reduces the need for maintenance work

Avoids strimmer and mower damage to trees and shrubs

Eliminating risk of injury from use of strimmers

Aesthetic Value - the use of herbicides, fungicides and insecticides will:-

Eradicate weed growth and improve the appearance of ornamental areas

Prevent worm casts and other disruption to playing surfaces

Control damaging pests and diseases which ruin turf

Clear weeds that trap silt and rubbish

Improve the appearance of unkempt areas, discouraging litter etc.

Improve the growth of plants and trees by competition

The Noxious Weeds Act (1959) requires land owners to eliminate "scheduled" weeds and The Wildlife and Countryside Act(1981) specifies the control of Japanese Knotweed.

Cost effectiveness:-

By the careful use of pesticides, paths, hard surfaces, amenity areas, boundary areas, and shrub beds can be maintained economically at considerably less cost than other methods.

Safer Service

In addition to following health and safety guidelines comparing the chemicals used for weed control is one way of alleviating fears as to their safety. Compared with Gylphosate (the most widely used chemical):-

Coffee is around 30 times more toxic

Paracetamol is 22 times more toxic

Vitamin A is approximately 3 times more toxic

Dandruff shampoo is approximately 40 times more toxic

Nicotine is approximately 113 times more toxic

Qualified Professionals

Strict legal and health and safety compliance means that weed control has become very much a specialist and skilled operation

Strict legal and health and safety compliance means that weedkilling is very much a specialist and skilled operation needing careful planning to offer the high standard of results expected.

Our staff are fully trained, qualified and individually have over 10 years experience in the application of herbicides, insecticides and other weed treatments. Customers should demand to see all legal, H&S and insurance data.

High Quality Products

Treatments costs the same or less than DIY

Low Cost Selective Weed control in Spring/Summer

Use of the most effective products developed

Better Results

Individual attention and assessment

Ecology sensitive approach

Help manage and maintain areas to prevent further problems

Even application of treatments

Plan and times applications for best results

3 steps to a better weed control!

1. Ring our weed control Hotline on 01204 775 800 to arrange a FREE no obligation consultation.

2. Plan the programme and timescale e.g. two year control.

3. Obtain a FREE quotation below

We offer weed treatments to all of the Northwest including Greater Manchester & Lancashire:

Country Landscapes' weed control service operates in all areas of Bolton including Bolton, Bradshaw, Egerton, Bromley Cross, Harwood, Ladybridge, Horwich and Westhoughton; Bury including Tottington, Greenmount, Brandlesholme, Summerseat, Holcombe Brook, Unsworth, Radcliffe, Whitefield, Ramsbottom and Rawtenstall; If your area is not mentioned please give us a call as we can still help.

Our qualified experts have over 30 years experience in weed control. Contact us for more information.