Social Responsibility Leadership

At Country Landscapes Ltd we’ve made a commitment to making a positive impact on our environment through strategic environmental initiatives.

By dovetailing the conservation of local and global eco-systems (natural capital) and re-aligning the needs of business stakeholders to recognise “wellbeing” not just profit as the bottom line, the natural environment can regenerate, and businesses, people and our Planet can thrive.

Collaborative Initiatives

As dedicated environmental professionals we're not only ensuring our own house is in order, by working towards Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv) accreditation, we're also working to make our unique skill set, expertise and knowledge available to various local organisations to build and put into action on the ground Corporate Social Responsibly Policy initiatives that make a difference.

We can always improve on the way we operate, starting on our own doorsteps, to ensure we make a positive impact on eco-systems, our environment and the well-being of our local communities.

It’s been said that solving highly complex problems requires a greater level of thinking than what got us into the problem (Einstein 1969).

This is especially true when it comes to addressing climate change – inter-organisational collaboration will be key to driving the rapid “greening” of the organisations - especially global corporates in creating a sustainable planet, and mitigating the climate change threat we’re facing in business and society.

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